Meet the Ten Rigs Townsfolk

General Townsfolk

Marva Maple
Marva appears in most books
Marva's been a fixture in town since she was born. She's worked at the Ten Rigs Post Office in various capacities since she was a young woman and, as a result, knows just about everyone and everything that goes on in her town.
Wanda Wooster
Wanda appears in most books
Wanda is Marva's sister and the principal of Ten Rigs High.
Helen and Jed Thompson
Ben's parents
Helen is a school teacher and Jed runs the Thompson family ranch.

For the Love of Scott

Ben (Bennigan) Thompson
Ben is Ten Rigs born and raised. He owns a local accounting firm.
Scott Hudson
Scott left Ten Rigs for the Army, never planning to return, but a roadside bomb changes his plans.

Love on Deck

Connor Kulyk
Triple A ballplayer Connor hides his sexuality under a bushel--until he goes on a Western Caribbean cruise to celebrate his sister's impending marriage.
Andrew Eckstrom
Andrew becomes entranced by the ballet dancing ballplayer.
Neither Connor nor Andrew are residents of Ten Rigs. They met Miss Marva aboard the cruise and were invited to visit Ten Rigs in the future.

Rock the Cradle of Love

Noah Drinkwater aka Thirsty
Hockey player for fictional NHL team, the Fort Worth Rotors; Noah upends his whole life when he adopts three-month-old Emma.
Taylor Bell aka Jingle
Noah's teammate and linemate; has had a thing for Noah for a while.
Emma Gilbert
Noah's adopted daughter.
Julia Gilbert
Emma's birth mother.

Absent Without Leave

Aiden O'Leary
Owner of O'Leary's Pub, located along Highway 350 in Ten Rigs.
Jake Hardison
Special Forces Weapons Sergeant in the U.S. Army, Ten Rigs native.

Coming to Grips

Chase Lewis
Wrangler at the Monahan Ranch, located ten miles northwest of Ten Rigs.
Kyle and Chase have been best friends since high school.
Kyle Adams
Ranch hand at Monahan Ranch.

Only For the Weekend

Cole Reid
Large animal veterinarian for Ten Rigs and surrounding counties.
Tucker Naughton
Ten Rigs librarian, transplanted from rural Alabama.
Nathan Hansard
Cole's teenaged nephew who comes out to Tucker.

A Certain Kind of Man

Gentry Winchester
Owner/operator of a local horse ranch.
Liam McAllister
Personal Assistant cum journalist interviewing Gentry and John in order to write an article about the ranch for the magazine he works for.
John Wayne Winchester, called "Pops" by Gentry
Gentry's grandfather, raised Gentry from the time Gentry was a toddler, is developing some sort of neurocognitive disorder.