Only For the Weekend

One family reunion. Two men. Three long summer days...

After enduring more losses than any one person should suffer, Cole put his heart in the deep freeze. The risk just isnít worth it.

But Cole's tired of deflecting his family's questions and expectations about moving on and finding new love, so he accepts Tucker's offer to be a pretend boyfriend for the duration of his family's annual three-day gathering over Labor Day. They'll fake it for the weekend and then go their separate ways.

Tucker's never felt truly accepted. Not even by his own family. Cole's family, however, welcomes him with open arms and open hearts. Pretend or not, being a part of a family again is lovely, if a bit bittersweet. But his time in Ten Rigs was never supposed to be more than a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

Coleís body burns and his heart thaws under Tucker's sure ministrations. Tucker finds the acceptance and the family he's always longed for.

Three days isn't nearly long enough.

Will Cole overcome his fear enough to ask Tucker on a real date?

Is the opportunity to be part of such an effusive and affectionate family enough for Tucker to stay in Ten Rigs for good?


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February 2018

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